What Are You Really Hungry For?

Are you hungry for…God? It’s not hard to tell when I’m hungry! I tend to get very quiet, my brain stops working, and concentration escapes me. And like a bear foraging for food, I get cranky! It’s not a pretty sight! When my family sees the signs, they run for cover. During our first year…

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Your Relationship Skills & Your Success At Work


Doing relationships well and success at work go hand in hand! Let’s be honest – having excellent relationship skills is a plus even if you don’t work at all! But how you interact with others is especially important if you are a leader. I’m not the first to recognize this! → Relationships are the foundation…

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Successfully Dealing With Your Fear of Success

Fear of Success

Fear of success is subtle – you might not even be aware of it. The fear of failure on the other hand – it’s more obvious; something you are more likely to admit. After all, nobody wants to fail? We see others and their strengths, accomplishments, and successes, but you have no idea what their…

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Are You on the Path to Success?

Path to Success

Just like you, I want success! The tricky part is determining what success actually is. There are definitions galore! Here are just a few: “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.” -Booker T. Washington “Success is the…

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Beware! Are These Giants Blocking Your Success?


Success looks a little different for all of us depending on who we define it. Maybe it’s reaching a goal or building a thriving business. It might also be completing a certification or taking your sales to the next level. Perhaps success for you is about juggling life and work in a more cohesive way…

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Give Yourself Permission – What Are You Waiting For?

She’s full of spunk and determination. She wants what she wants, and she communicates her desires with gusto as she points her sweet chubby little finger. (You may remember me mentioning her confidence here.) Still lacking the words to communicate her desires verbally, her points are frequently misunderstood. She adores Grammy’s house; unlike her own…

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How Success Serves You

I’m letting the cat out of the bag. I have a fascination with tracking information. You might be completely bewildered by some of the information I’ve tracked over the years. In high school I tracked what I wore and where I wore each outfit. The tracking process included a coding system that’s fuzzy to me…

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The Secret to Getting Results

Setting goals is the easy part. You know where you want to be! Your goals may be personal or professional, but you’ve got goals! You want to be 10 pounds lighter, finish writing that book, add half-dozen clients, successfully communicate with your spouse or co-workers, or perhaps you’d like to complete a blog a month.…

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It Takes Commitment!

Ordinarily my husband and I go away for our anniversary. Over the years, we’ve celebrated our marriage in a variety of ways. When we were young and still paying off student loans, we went camping and enjoyed mud baths. Another year we stayed in a beautiful bed and breakfast that overlooked Monterey Bay. More often…

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The Power of Patience

The bulk of our TV viewing is watching shows we’ve recorded, so the glitch we’ve been experiencing with our cable TV the last month or so has turned what used to be a relaxing way to spend an evening into something quite maddening. Part of the benefit of recorded TV is being able to fast…

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