Wow! FEAR Is A Four Letter Word!


Is fear a word you prefer not use? Or what about words like afraid or scared – do they also fit into the “don’t use” category? Perhaps, you choose language that is more palatable. Words like worried, concerned, dread, nervous, apprehensive, unsure, uneasy, doubt, anxious, stressed, uncertain, or frustrated have a better ring to them.…

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Really Great Reasons to Work Less

What if you could work less and still get results? Does that seem like an unattainable goal? While altering the way you go about working is a process, there are some really compelling reasons to make the effort. You’ve heard it said that less is more and it’s true! Consider this: Those are some compelling…

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Wow! Maybe You Are Crushing Your Creativity

Creativity is your secret weapon! It’s the unique perspective you bring to everything you do. Artists, musicians, and dancers – those are a few of the kinds of people that typically come to mind when you think of creatives. But what about leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs – do they fit into the creative category as…

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The Secret to Connecting To Your Heart

Your heart – what does it mean to be connected to it? And what exactly are you connecting to? The Bible defines your “heart” or your soul as your mind, emotions, and will. It is where your thinking, feeling, deciding, and determining right from wrong all takes place. Poor Reception Your heart is the center…

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Successfully Leading The Personalities On Your Team

Leadership Personality DISC

Leading well requires a variety of skills, including the ability to adjust the way you communicate and interact with those you lead based on their unique personalities. By default, you probably tend to speak to and treat others the way you would want to be treated, but not everyone on your team is like you.…

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