It’s What You Can’t See That Really Matters!

It’s common to focus on the externals – what others see, but it’s actually what’s inside you that really matters! You know – the stuff that’s hidden, but really holds you altogether personally and professionally! While learning to sew doesn’t seem as in vogue these days, I was eager to learn. I tackled my first…

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Your Anger – It’s A Beautiful Gift


Have you ever thought of anger as a gift? If you choose to unwrap your anger, you just might discover what a beautiful gift it is! When my kids were still quite young and our budget was wildly tight, my husband made a grand purchase for my birthday. It was something I had not asked…

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My Awesome Morning Routine & Success

Morning Routine

A solid morning routine naturally sets you up for success! Whether you are wildly famous or someone who is less well known, you have the same number of hours in your day. How you choose to use your hours makes all the difference! Even more importantly, how do you choose to start your day? Your…

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Stop Hesitating and Let Go

What do you need to let go of? Is there something you are hesitating to release? For there to be space for what’s better and potentially more valuable, you have to let go of what’s got your focus now. Not long ago, my grands and I were enjoying a delightful day at a playground. All…

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Amazing Results All Because of “One Word”

One Word

“One Word” – it’s hard to believe that I’ve been practicing that for ten years now! You would think after doing something for so long it would become stale, but my One Word adventure was anything but stale this year! If the concept of “One Word” is new to you, it’s simply choosing a single…

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10 Habits That Are Really Worth Quitting!

Quit these 10 habits

Habits – they are amazing unless they are bad habits! What if you are allowing habits to linger that are working against you? Habits that are draining you, rather than taking the courageous step and quitting your bad habits? Perhaps fear is keeping you from choosing a better way. There’s a certain stigma associated with…

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Buckle Up & Drive Your Brilliant Life

Responsibility-drive your life

Are you driving your life – buckled up and taking responsibility for the ride? It’s been a long time, but I still remember passing my driving test and getting my driver’s license. The day I turned 16, I headed to the DMV. I was elated – it was my ticket to freedom! Along with the…

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4 Fantastic Ways to Improve Your Follow Up

Follow Up - Follow Through

Follow-up is essential to your success! Follow through – that’s absolutely necessary too if you want to get results. Perhaps you’ve experienced one or more of the following: Setting expectations, but then not following up. Attempting to build a business but failing to follow through with the necessary prospecting. Following up inconsistently is undermining your…

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7 Happy Benefits To Playing More At Work!

Recess-Play at work

PLAYING, is it still a part of your life? Your work? Remember the good ole days – back when you were in elementary school? What your favorite subject? Whether it was math, reading, science, or something else, I bet you eagerly looked forward to recess! As a kid, recess was a chance to mingle with…

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9 Things You Need to Release & Let Go!

let it go

Letting go is scary. It means leaving behind the familiar and embracing the unknown. There is the potential for loss, pain, and void. Letting go is about trusting God. After my children went left for college, my husband and I decided it was time to down size. This meant selling a house that we had…

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