Your Body Is Telling You Something Important

  Your body is sending you messages – are you ignoring what it’s trying to tell you? Far more than just an “earthly home” for you to dwell in, God has masterfully designed your body in such a way that if you’re paying attention, it’s offering a wealth of information! Warning Systems God has cleverly…

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The Honest Truth About Your Procrastinating

Procrastinating-Maybe Tomorrow

Procrastinating – we all do it from time to time on tasks that feel hard, confusing, challenging, or uncomfortable. However, if you find yourself engaged in a pattern of procrastinating then it’s time to dig in, investigate what’s motivating that pattern, and address it. As I observe my six grands, it’s obvious that they love…

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7 Fantastic Ways to Increase Your Resilience


One way of explaining resilience is… the ability to handle adversity, challenges, stress, and the strong emotions that come along with those difficulties well. With resilience, you are able to successfully navigate what life brings your way and thrive rather than just survive. Who doesn’t want to increase their odds of thriving despite life’s challenges?…

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Living Your Life Fenced In Or Free?

Living Free

Are you living free and fearlessly? Or are you held hostage by your own invisible fences that are keeping your life small? Fences & Foxes Fences are few in my neighborhood. In fact, solid fences are a no-no according to our Homeowner Association rules, which is why invisible fences are so popular. Yet, despite of…

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