Want Better Results? Don’t Make This Mistake


What are the specific results are you seeking right now in your life and work? Are you seeking professional results like a promotion, more clients, or a more effective sales team? Or are you seeking personal results like finally fitting back into those jeans or better relationships? Every now and then you might experience a…

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You Need Clarity in These Important Areas


Clarity makes a notable difference when navigating life and work! Without clarity, your progress is hampered, your confidence is stifled, and you are prone to compromising what’s most important to you. Journeying Without Clarity I was backing out of our driveway that Friday morning while it was still dark and the fog was thick –…

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How Practicing Self-Care Helps You Lead Better

Self-care is not optional or something to practice if you have a little spare time. Self-care is essential if you want to lead others well or operate at your best. That sounds like common sense, but yet so many run themselves ragged and cheat themselves out of the numerous benefits that come from regularly investing…

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