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Archive for August 2016

Are You Aware of Your Thinking Preferences?

Coaching has taught me so much: how to be a more effective listener, how to draw the best out of people, and how people can accomplish more than they ever imagined with a little support. Coaching has also reinforced an idea Dr. Phil made popular: “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.” I would switch…

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The Surprising Bonus to a Balanced Life

You could say that my husband I are foodies. The majority of our date nights and travel highlights all center around scrumptious dining experiences. Exploring new restaurants and taste experiences is like a hobby for us. We’ve enjoyed a gourmet meal in a cave in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, savored some of the most amazing…

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Inspiration from Rio

Growing up, my family had a tiny, and I mean tiny, black and white television that mostly lived in the closet. Assuming all went well in a week, we were allowed a whopping hour of TV – an hour my siblings and I chose very carefully! And then there were those years when the Olympics…

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7 Secrets to Better Boundaries

A few weeks ago, I turned in my beloved Outback for a new 2017 Outback to take advantage of an amazing deal. While I know most people love getting at new car, I actually adored my old Outback. If the lease had not been up in a few months, and the deal not so sweet,…

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Sustainability – The Key to Avoiding Dashed Dreams

These days, we hear a lot about sustainability and living a green lifestyle. Being wasteful is frowned on while being efficient is celebrated. The driving force behind sustainability is a better future. Sustainability applies to your dreams too! It is a significant factor when it comes to pursuing your purpose, big dream, or giant goals!…

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