Hang Up Your Gloves & Stop Fighting Now!

hard circumstances - acceptance

When it comes to the challenging circumstances in your life and work, do you have a knack for donning your gloves and fighting them? You know, getting riled up and frustrated – wishing things were different. Or do you accept what comes your way and seek out to creatively make the best of your situation?…

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4 Fantastic Ways to Improve Your Follow Up

Follow Up - Follow Through

Follow-up is essential to your success! Follow through – that’s absolutely necessary too if you want to get results. Perhaps you’ve experienced one or more of the following: Setting expectations, but then not following up. Attempting to build a business but failing to follow through with the necessary prospecting. Following up inconsistently is undermining your…

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12 Brilliant Ways to Transform Your Thinking


Your thinking impacts everything! What you believe to be true determines whether thoughts impact you positively or negatively. Growing and making changes in your life personally and professionally – it all starts with the way you think! Recently I heard a story about a doctor who happened to receive a Christmas cake in the mail…

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