7 Happy Benefits To Playing More At Work!

Recess-Play at work

PLAYING, is it still a part of your life? Your work? Remember the good ole days – back when you were in elementary school? What your favorite subject? Whether it was math, reading, science, or something else, I bet you eagerly looked forward to recess! As a kid, recess was a chance to mingle with…

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Yes! Lots More Positive PLEASE!

Who doesn’t crave a little more positive in their life or work? I know I do! ? Stewardship is one of my Top 5 values. It encompasses a lot for me, including stewarding my time, money, resources, and my health. Exercise, proper rest, a positive mindset, healthy habits, and nutritious eating all add up to…

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Ask GREAT Questions & See What Happens

Questions- Self-Talk

Have you been paying attention to the questions you’ve been asking yourself lately? I talk to myself. Yes! It’s true. I bet you do too! Sometimes it’s a conversation in my head; other times its actual words spoken out loud. These conversations take place in the car, while doing chores around the house, even on…

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Is Your Beautiful Life Out of Alignment?

Your beautiful life…could it be out of alignment? Has life been a little bumpy lately? When your car is out of alignment, driving is exhausting! Extra energy is needed to compensate for the pull in one direction or the other. The annoying vibrations in the steering wheel is enough to drive you crazy, not to…

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