The Simple Truth About Your Powerful Purpose


At some point in our lives, we ponder our purpose; the reason we are here on this planet. We crave a life brimming with meaning – one that makes a significant difference in the lives of those around us. This desire for impacting others shows up early. Children, have lofty aspirations! They dream big and…

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The Unexpected Tipping Point of Your Dream

Your Dream

Dreams can be crushed in an instant. Stepping out of the shower on an ordinary day, I discovered my two-year-old daughter with a bloody nose. After an hour of trying all the usual tricks to stop a bloody nose and finding myself in a pool of blood, I phoned a dear friend who lived in…

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3 Things to Remember in Chaotic Times

Chaotic times are inevitable. I know – I’ve experienced my share. Chaotic times look different for everyone. Maybe you relate to some of the chaotic times I’ve experienced like… Being laid off Living with my daughter’s life threatening immune disorder for 7 years My daughter being hospitalized in the midst of moving across the country…

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Your Life: Passive or on Purpose?

Over the years, I’ve had the delight of teaching children of all ages, and my favorite age to work with are preschoolers. Preschoolers approach life in a way that is innocent, inspiring, and that makes me giggle! They dream big and embrace wild possibilities. Preschoolers dance, sing, or share free of any inhibitions. And with…

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