Networking – Vital To Your Success!


Riding a unicycle or sky diving might seem pointless unless you are particularly adventurous, but networking – that’s vital to your career success! If there was one activity you could engage in that would pave the way to success, would you do it? In my experience, there’s nothing more beneficial to your career or business…

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Do You Have Clone Syndrome?


What in the world is Clone Syndrome? Well, that’s what I call it when leaders treat their people as if they were just like them without taking into account that everyone is unique! Everyone’s personality is different. God is marvelously creative. The sheer variety of beauty all around me confirms that! He doesn’t make molds…

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You Lead Like This – Stop Horsing Around!

Leading by example – whether you like it or not, as a leader, that’s what you do. Everything you do trickles down and has an impact on your people and those in your circle, whether you lead from the front, or lead from behind. In fact, you are training your people by the way you…

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