The Bliss of A Delightfully Balanced Life

What does a balanced life look like for you? The last few months have been unusually full for me between work and some major renovations on our home.  The extra activity has been stretching. It’s forced me to let go of some very good things in order to maintain balance in my life – space…

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6 Reasons You Don’t Feel Grateful

Grateful people are delightful to be around! When you don’t feel grateful, you tend to be dissatisfied, critical, and take things for granted. When people are ungrateful, we tend to shy away from them. Gratitude is an emotion and a feeling. And gratitude is something to be practiced, a habit you choose to engage in.…

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Preschoolers Do This Better Than Most Leaders!

Leadership Questions

Questions, questions, and more questions! If you’ve spent any time with preschoolers, you know that they are full of questions! The question preschoolers ask most frequently: “Why?” It’s a short and sweet question that often requires deep thought before responding. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how to articulate “the why” in terms that a preschooler…

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12 Sneaky Ways Fear Runs Your Life

Fear doesn’t discriminate. If you are human, you’ve grappled with it. There are phobia fears like… Flying Public speaking Heights Spiders Snakes Mice Death Commitment Pain Small cramped or crowded spaces Thunder & Lightning And there are fears that are birthed out of your imagination – beliefs that lurk in the background and limit you…

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10 Tips To Help You Navigate Change


Change is like rock climbing. For some, scaling a rock wall is no big deal. It’s a welcome adrenaline rush – something to be relished. For others, just thinking about rock climbing causes you to break out in a sweat! Rock climbing is something you would avoid at all costs. Change, like rock climbing, often…

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