6 Amazing Reasons To Embrace Your Creativity

When you hear the word “creativity” what comes to mind? Perhaps artistic endeavors that include paint, brushes, canvas, clay, and a host of other mediums. Or maybe the word creativity conjures up images of dancing, writing, or decorating. Of course, creativity is a key element of all of those activities, but creativity is much bigger…

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The Power of Plugging Into Your Passion

Plug Into Your Passion

Passion – it’s easy to spot in others. It’s like the kind of contagious energy that exudes from someone newly in love. Hide? No passion doesn’t hide – it leaps out and springs to life when barely nudged. It is powerful! And it propels you forward and keeps you on track. It motivates. Inspires. Energizes.…

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8 Tips to Crank Up Your Confidence

Crank Up Your Confidence

Confidence doesn’t just happen! Confidence is the result of successfully enduring the heat in life or work – the challenges, obstacles, or learning curves that turn up the heat and show you what you are made up of. Those high heat moments have a way of eliminating the excess and reducing you down to your…

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