Successfully Leading The Personalities On Your Team

Leadership Personality DISC

Leading well requires a variety of skills, including the ability to adjust the way you communicate and interact with those you lead based on their unique personalities. By default, you probably tend to speak to and treat others the way you would want to be treated, but not everyone on your team is like you.…

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Be A GREAT Leader With YOUR Personality!

DISC Leadership

Contrary to what you might think, being a great leader doesn’t depend on having a particular personality. However, your personality does impact how you lead! When you think of GREAT leaders, who comes to mind? Big names associated with leadership like John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, or the late Stephen Covey? Or possibly one of the…

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Your Personality – It’s What Makes YOU Amazing!


Personality – that a fascinating topic! I marvel at how God creates wonderfully unique individuals while simultaneously adhering to a pattern. It’s mind boggling. It also blows my mind how often people are anxious about viewing the results of a DISC Personality Assessment. Sadly, some are convinced that certain personalities are bad, while other personalities…

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Do You Have Clone Syndrome?


What in the world is Clone Syndrome? Well, that’s what I call it when leaders treat their people as if they were just like them without taking into account that everyone is unique! Everyone’s personality is different. God is marvelously creative. The sheer variety of beauty all around me confirms that! He doesn’t make molds…

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Conquering Conflict: Understanding Different Behavioral Styles

A world without conflict – it sounds dreamy right? It’s just not very realistic! After all, siblings naturally engage in conflict from the start. It would be nice if conflict was limited to childhood, yet conflict is a factor in our relationships at home and at work! I don’t know anyone who actually enjoys being…

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What’s Your Time Paradigm?

Time is a most fascinating phenomenon. It is ticking at a steady, consistent pace, yet some moments seem to last forever, and others feel wildly fleeting! As concepts go, time is a tough one to wrap your head around. Less than desirable tasks have a way of slowing time down – making it drag. When…

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The #1 Problem: Conflict

Technology and I have a precarious relationship; we are not always friends. Recently, my computer refused to play nice! After clicking on something, it was hard to tell whether I’d actually clicked in the object or if it was just taking it’s time to do its thing! Every day it got just a little bit…

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Your Strengths – Have They Gone Wild?

Knowing your strengths is abundantly beneficial both personally and professionally. If you’ve not already identified yours strengths, I encourage you to do that! It’s easy to gloss over your strengths – they are often skills that come so naturally to you that you don’t even realize that they are strengths! Unfortunately, leaning into your strengths…

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