Be A GREAT Leader With YOUR Personality!

DISC Leadership

Contrary to what you might think, being a great leader doesn’t depend on having a particular personality. However, your personality does impact how you lead! When you think of GREAT leaders, who comes to mind? Big names associated with leadership like John Maxwell, Simon Sinek, or the late Stephen Covey? Or possibly one of the…

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Productivity – The Secret To Getting More Done


Do you know the secret to getting more done – increasing your productivity? It’s probably not what you think! In fact, you might be surprised at how time away or vacations impact your productivity. They provide much needed down time, inspiring new experiences, and an opportunity to do life at a different pace. And after…

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What Are Your Wasteful Ways Costing You?

Eliminate Waste

Wasting time, energy, or resources – I feel confident you don’t want to do that. And yet, there are probably some ways you are spinning your wheels personally right now. Do you know what that’s costing you? If you are an entrepreneur or solopreneur, there are undoubtedly some wasteful ways you are operating your business.…

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18 Simple Ways To De-Stress Your Life


Stress rarely brings out the best in me – especially too much stress! It clouds my judgement and shortens my fuse. It entices me to hurry and makes communicating well nearly impossible, not to mention all the physical ways it plays out – headaches, muscle tightness, racing heart, etc. Life is full of pressure filled…

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8 Ways to Sabotage Your Amazing Big Dream

Dream Sabotage

What’s your big dream – that thing you truly long for? Maybe it’s something so big that you’ve yet to articulate it out loud. Dreams are personal. They come in all shapes and sizes. And they hold a special place in your heart. Your dream might be to… Start a business Get a promotion Lead…

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