8 Tips to Crank Up Your Confidence

Crank Up Your Confidence

Confidence doesn’t just happen! Confidence is the result of successfully enduring the heat in life or work – the challenges, obstacles, or learning curves that turn up the heat and show you what you are made up of. Those high heat moments have a way of eliminating the excess and reducing you down to your…

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The Secret to Slaying Your Confidence Killers


Confidence – what would you do if you had more confidence? The shift from confident to not so confident often takes place in the blink of an eye! And some days you have confidence in spades. Other days…confidence feels elusive. Confidence is a curious thing! And before we tackle what’s killing your confidence, let’s explore…

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7 Things That Undermine Your Confidence

There have been times in my life where I have relied on my wardrobe, experience, credentials, connections, bold attitude, and more to give me confidence. While there is nothing wrong with any of these things, they are not the source of confidence. In college, I chose to take a law class my freshman year despite…

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How to Be More Assertive

Miss P is my youngest granddaughter and as she edges closer to her first birthday, she has been asserting herself more and more. This little lady has opinions and is not shy about voicing them. In light of the fact that she only speaks a word or two, it is quite amazing that she can…

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