6 Brilliant Questions To Shift Your Thinking

It’s our thinking that gets us in trouble! And it’s our thinking that has the potential to serve us well! After all, it’s what we think that drives our actions or our lack of action. If you are a leader, professional, entrepreneur, or do something else altogether, how you think makes a difference. While our…

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11 Simple Ways to Increase Your Gratitude


Gratitude – is it possible to have too much? There are so many wonderful benefits to regularly practicing gratitude! What if your life was saturated in gratitude? Truly marinated in gratitude? Brined in gratitude? Brining If you want to have a delicious Thanksgiving turkey, I encourage you to try brining. It’s a process similar to…

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Oh, What A Difference Hope Makes!


Hope is fragile. When I have it, hope is wildly powerful and compelling. Without hope, despair and discouragement settle in. Because I’m human, my hope swells and it shrinks. It’s rarely stagnant. Ordinarily I’m a pretty hopeful gal, but recently, my hope took a hit. It was dark and ugly – a very unhappy moment.…

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9 Really Powerful Truths About Coaching

9 Truths About Coaching

While coaches seem to be everywhere, most people aren’t really sure what coaching is all about! To be fair, prior to beginning my coach certification program, my concept of coaching was not completely accurate either. In fact, I had some pretty big misconceptions. It’s just hard to have a clear picture of something you’ve never…

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