Release the Super Creative Beast In YOU!


Wildly creative – is that how you describe yourself? Creativity is that little something extra that brings zest and flavor to just about everything including tasks, experiences, relationships, and so much more! One of the hallmarks of a great leader is their ability to provide a clear, compelling vision and innovative solutions to problems. Or…

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6 Amazing Reasons To Embrace Your Creativity

When you hear the word “creativity” what comes to mind? Perhaps artistic endeavors that include paint, brushes, canvas, clay, and a host of other mediums. Or maybe the word creativity conjures up images of dancing, writing, or decorating. Of course, creativity is a key element of all of those activities, but creativity is much bigger…

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When Your Creativity Shines You Really Thrive!


When it comes to creativity, how creative would you say you are? Seriously lacking the creativity gene so a “1”? Or creativity oozes out of you so a “10”? We tend to think about creativity in terms of you either have it or you don’t. The truth is that we are ALL creative – yes…

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Stirring Up Creativity

Counting bunnies –that’s what we do on our morning walks. There’s something satisfying about spotting a bunny casually munching away. The more we spot – the better the day! At least that’s how the game goes. Once while staying in Southern California in a particularly bunny blessed neighborhood, I counted more than 89. That was…

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Stop Crushing Your Creativity & Thrive at What You Do

Typically, artists, musicians, dancers, and perhaps a few eccentric folks come to mind as examples of creative individuals. But what about leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs – do they fit into the creative category? Absolutely! It is not limited to those who pursue expressive adventures. No matter what your role in life, creativity enhances what you…

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Want to Make A Difference? Nourish Your Creativity!

Whatever you pay attention to grows! It just does! Problems, unexpected glitches, or a day not turning out the way you’d planned – they scream, and shout, and dance around wildly vying for your attention! That’s hard to ignore. And as you give the negatives undeserved attention, it seems more negativity appears. It grows! It…

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