6 Reasons You Don’t Feel Grateful

Grateful people are delightful to be around! When you don’t feel grateful, you tend to be dissatisfied, critical, and take things for granted. When people are ungrateful, we tend to shy away from them. Gratitude is an emotion and a feeling. And gratitude is something to be practiced, a habit you choose to engage in.…

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Wow! This Might Surprise You About Striving


Dictionary.com defines striving this way: the act or practice of trying hard to do, reach, or achieve something; vigorous effort the act of fighting or struggling against someone or something; competition, opposition, or battle There’s something very good about giving something your full effort – holding nothing back when it comes to doing a job…

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Quit Your People Pleasing Ways

Peoplen Pleasing

People pleasing rarely leads to the perks you think it will. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, people pleasers suffer some pretty significant loses! If you are a people pleaser, you’ve probably discovered by now how exhausting it is to try and make everyone happy. Not to mention just how tiring it is to…

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8 Powerful Things People Pleasers Give Away

People Pleaser

Are you a people pleaser? Someone prone to people pleasing – striving to make everyone around you happy at your own expense? You probably didn’t set out to be a people pleaser, but odds are good that you were “set up” for it. But before we get to that, take a look at this list.…

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Hang Up Your Gloves & Stop Fighting Now!

hard circumstances - acceptance

When it comes to the challenging circumstances in your life and work, do you have a knack for donning your gloves and fighting them? You know, getting riled up and frustrated – wishing things were different. Or do you accept what comes your way and seek out to creatively make the best of your situation?…

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What Are Your Reflexes Revealing About You?

You have donned the backless gown. Now you are sitting there with your legs dangling over the side of the examination table, feeling very vulnerable. The doctor pokes, prods, and then takes out the reflex hammer and whacks you a good one on your knee. Seconds later it is over and the doctor has moved…

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The Happy Middle

I was surprised to learn that there are at least 32 songs about “meeting in the middle”. Don’t believe me? You can check it out here for yourself. Meeting in the middle is just another way of saying “meet me halfway” or “compromise”. The word compromise may feel a bit undesirable – after all, it…

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