What’s Motivating YOU – Fear or Love?

Motivating: Fear or Love

Have you ever stopped to consider what’s motivating you – the real reason why you do what you do? In a particularly chaotic season in my own life, a quote landed in my email in-box that stopped me in my tracks. Is said… “Are you pushed by fear or pulled by love?” If I’m honest,…

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What Are You Really Hungry For?

Are you hungry for…God? It’s not hard to tell when I’m hungry! I tend to get very quiet, my brain stops working, and concentration escapes me. And like a bear foraging for food, I get cranky! It’s not a pretty sight! When my family sees the signs, they run for cover. During our first year…

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Buckle Up & Drive Your Brilliant Life

Responsibility-drive your life

Are you driving your life – buckled up and taking responsibility for the ride? It’s been a long time, but I still remember passing my driving test and getting my driver’s license. The day I turned 16, I headed to the DMV. I was elated – it was my ticket to freedom! Along with the…

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13 Amazing Signs YOU Have Abundance Thinking

Sings of Abundance Thinking

Believing that there’s more than enough is what abundance thinking is all about. That simple perspective makes a valuable difference in how you navigate life! Operating out of the belief that there isn’t enough is scarcity thinking. The feeling of lack is the overarching theme – the belief that you aren’t enough, that resources are…

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