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Are You Doing Life Backwards?

Ever been to a backwards party before? It’s a real thing I promise – Google it or explore the many ideas on Pinterest! As the name suggests, you want to do everything imaginable backwards for this party whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, a promotion, or some other event worthy celebrating! A few backwards…

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Your Life: Passive or on Purpose?

Over the years, I’ve had the delight of teaching children of all ages, and my favorite age to work with are preschoolers. Preschoolers approach life in a way that is innocent, inspiring, and that makes me giggle! They dream big and embrace wild possibilities. Preschoolers dance, sing, or share free of any inhibitions. And with…

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The Happy Middle

I was surprised to learn that there are at least 32 songs about “meeting in the middle”. Don’t believe me? You can check it out here for yourself. Meeting in the middle is just another way of saying “meet me halfway” or “compromise”. The word compromise may feel a bit undesirable – after all, it…

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Give Yourself Permission – What Are You Waiting For?

She’s full of spunk and determination. She wants what she wants, and she communicates her desires with gusto as she points her sweet chubby little finger. (You may remember me mentioning her confidence here.) Still lacking the words to communicate her desires verbally, her points are frequently misunderstood. She adores Grammy’s house; unlike her own…

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