6 Brilliant Questions To Shift Your Thinking

It’s our thinking that gets us in trouble! And it’s our thinking that has the potential to serve us well! After all, it’s what we think that drives our actions or our lack of action. If you are a leader, professional, entrepreneur, or do something else altogether, how you think makes a difference. While our…

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13 Amazing Signs YOU Have Abundance Thinking

Sings of Abundance Thinking

Believing that there’s more than enough is what abundance thinking is all about. That simple perspective makes a valuable difference in how you navigate life! Operating out of the belief that there isn’t enough is scarcity thinking. The feeling of lack is the overarching theme – the belief that you aren’t enough, that resources are…

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12 Brilliant Ways to Transform Your Thinking


Your thinking impacts everything! What you believe to be true determines whether thoughts impact you positively or negatively. Growing and making changes in your life personally and professionally – it all starts with the way you think! Recently I heard a story about a doctor who happened to receive a Christmas cake in the mail…

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Ask GREAT Questions & See What Happens

Questions- Self-Talk

Have you been paying attention to the questions you’ve been asking yourself lately? I talk to myself. Yes! It’s true. I bet you do too! Sometimes it’s a conversation in my head; other times its actual words spoken out loud. These conversations take place in the car, while doing chores around the house, even on…

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Six Hazards of Hurrying

I won’t tell you how many years I have been driving – let’s just say more than 30. In that time, I’ve had the heart racing experience of being pulled over for speeding twice. What’s crazy is that those unfortunate hurrying moments were less than a month apart! My explanation: wedding planning distraction. That gives…

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The Secret to Eliminating Expectations

This year, my full of spunk grandson was old enough to participate in a creative project, so part of our post-Thanksgiving celebration included decorating gingerbread men and a gingerbread house together. Artfully arranging decorations (we never called them candy – in fact it was only by accident that he realized they were edible after all…

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