Renovate Your Life & Make It Beautiful

Renovate Your LIfe

Is your life beautiful? Renovating – it’s been the theme of our lives for nearly ten years! When my husband and I bought our current home, we knew serious projects were in our future. Immediately after closing, we met our contractor at our house and the renovations began with adding and removing walls. Next, we…

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Stop Hesitating and Let Go

What do you need to let go of? Is there something you are hesitating to release? For there to be space for what’s better and potentially more valuable, you have to let go of what’s got your focus now. Not long ago, my grands and I were enjoying a delightful day at a playground. All…

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Nurturing The Brilliant Creative Genius In You!


There’s a brilliant and creative genius inside of YOU! Do you view yourself as a creative person or do you feel like you were overlooked when creative genes were passed out? Consider how some have defined creativity: “Creativity is an idea that is novel, good, and useful.” – Michael Grybko “Creativity is seeing and communicating…

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Being A More Connected AND Successful Leader

Connected Leader

Leaders – what makes them successful? When I ask what makes a leader great, I get a list of wonderful characteristics, all of which are important. However, being “connected” is rarely a part of that list. In order to lead, others must follow. And people who feel disconnected from you are unlikely to follow. God…

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