Be A Leader That Inspires Great Performances

What if you were a leader that was able to draw potential out of your people that they weren’t even aware that they had? Then you would be a leader that inspires great performances that naturally enhances your bottom line! Directing Greatness Being a wildly successful actress is something I’ve never aspired to. A drama…

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You Can Make Progress In Hard Seasons

Hard Seasons-Productivity

Some seasons of life are very hard! Maybe you are in the midst of one of those challenging seasons right now. I want to encourage you! Even in hard seasons, it’s possible to make progress. Nearly eight years ago I ventured into one of those truly hard seasons. It began with a crazy kind of…

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7 Steps to Reinventing The Beautiful You

Reinvent yourself

Reinventing yourself throughout your career is essential because careers have seasons and so does life. The reinventing doesn’t just happen along the way, it’s something consciously pursued. Work Working is something I have relished even before I had any concept of career. On Saturdays when other kids were playing, I went to “work” cranking out…

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What It Takes To Make A Difference

My guess is that you want to make a difference. Deep down is the desire to contribute to the world in a way that leaves it better than it was before. However, you may overlook the brilliant contributions you are able to make day to day because it’s the world-changing differences that count in your…

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