Authenticity – Do YOU Like A Pro!


Authenticity is all about being you, really YOU. No one can do you like you can! There are three fun reasons for pretending to be someone else. It’s what we do as kids – we pretend to be a fireman, a mom, or a teacher. That kind of pretend play is positive. It allows children…

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Gratitude – What’s the Big Bonus?

Gratitude? Well, here’s the honest truth: I’m naturally a critical person. I have a tendency to focus on what’s wrong, what needs to be fixed, or what could be better. With that kind of focus, it’s nearly impossible to be grateful! An eye for possible improvements isn’t all bad. It’s a strength when applied to…

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The Honest Truth About Work / Life Balance

Work/Life Blaance

Balance requires that you perpetually be in motion – adjusting to keep from toppling over! Being Grammy is amazing! I get to enjoy the aspects of being a mom that I loved so much without sacrificing my sleep, sporting snot and spit up on my shoulder, or being late because of an unexpected explosion. Next…

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Your Relationship Skills & Your Success At Work


Doing relationships well and success at work go hand in hand! Let’s be honest – having excellent relationship skills is a plus even if you don’t work at all! But how you interact with others is especially important if you are a leader. I’m not the first to recognize this! → Relationships are the foundation…

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