Is What You Are Doing Sustainable?

Sustainable life

What’s sustainable today won’t be sustainable tomorrow. Life is always changing and new responsibilities are continuously being added to your list of things to accomplish both personally and professionally. And eliminating responsibilities – that rarely happens! It doesn’t take long before what’s on your plate feels burdensome and overwhelming. One of the many beautiful aspects…

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Amazing Results All Because of “One Word”

One Word

“One Word” – it’s hard to believe that I’ve been practicing that for ten years now! You would think after doing something for so long it would become stale, but my One Word adventure was anything but stale this year! If the concept of “One Word” is new to you, it’s simply choosing a single…

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Release the Super Creative Beast In YOU!


Wildly creative – is that how you describe yourself? Creativity is that little something extra that brings zest and flavor to just about everything including tasks, experiences, relationships, and so much more! One of the hallmarks of a great leader is their ability to provide a clear, compelling vision and innovative solutions to problems. Or…

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