Lead With Culture In Mind & Get Results!


Culture, well it’s a lot like air – it’s all around you, but it’s tough to put your finger on it and you don’t often give it much thought! It’s the invisible vibe that lingers in an organization. The success of an organization hinges on the health of its culture, and that applies to churches,…

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7 Ways to Have Victory in Obstacles

Of course, Thus far, 2020 has been brimming with obstacles, not just for me – for just about everyone. Personally, I’ve had more challenging years, but I don’t recall a time when so many people were facing significant difficulties simultaneously. It’s tough to see in the moment, but obstacles are a beautiful invitation to even…

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7 Super Simple Tips to Leading More Successfully

Leading Successfully

Leading successfully in today’s world demands that you never stop learning, growing, and developing your leadership skills. What worked yesterday, won’t work today or tomorrow! If you aren’t actively developing your leadership skills you will get left behind as things rapidly change! I know how fast-paced the life of a leader is, so you may…

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7 Myths About Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Remaining in your Comfort Zone is like zorbing through life. While you might feel safe and secure inside the bubble, you are unknowingly participating in an extreme sport. What’s Zorbing you ask? Zorbing is a daring activity where people get inside a large plastic bubble and roll around on flat ground or down a hill.…

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9 Ways to Get More Focused


It takes intentional effort to be focused under ordinary circumstances! So far, 2020 has been anything but ordinary, so if you’ve struggled to get focused, you are not alone! There are two types of distractions to contend with. Some distractions are internal – your own thoughts and emotions. Dwelling on self-doubt, negative thinking, fear, anxiety,…

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