10 Things Super Productive People Don’t Do


Productivity isn’t just about what you do, it’s also about what you don’t do! No matter how you slice it, you have only 24 hours each day. Now if you have healthy habits, habits that actually increase your productivity like exercising, spending time with God, and getting the rest you need, that leaves you with…

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Helping You Plug Into Your Positive Side

Positive Attitude

Being positive – that’s been a struggle for me! Sadly, for much of my life I have been a “glass half empty” sort of gal. I have an eye for what’s wrong or could be better. If pressed, I’m able to come up with some pretty good reasons for being less than positive. As a…

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Be A Brilliant Leader Without Being Bossy


As a leader, are you afraid of being “bossy?” Bossy – it’s not typically a positive adjective, right? Did you know that women are far more likely to be described as bossy over men? An assertive man is considered confident while a woman is bossy. Once upon a time there was a little girl who…

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What Makes Change So Hard?

Change is necessary. Got goals? To reach your goals, you can’t keep doing the same ole thing! Goals naturally force you to make changes. Do you have a vision for where you’d like to be – the “new” you? That too means making changes. Not satisfied with the results you are getting? Getting better results…

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Are You Hiding The Authentic YOU?

Being authentic requires courage, but even more importantly, you must know who you really are! Growing up, our TV spent most of its time in the closet. It was set free from its prison for special events like the Olympics or an occasional Friday night when we could watch TV for a whole hour! Back…

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The Five Truly Important Facets of Life

Life – minding the many aspects of life is necessary, but certainly not easy! In the hustle and bustle of life, pausing to assess critical areas often get overlooked! There are a variety of ways to assess an individual – personality assessments like DISC or the Enneagram; Career assessments like Career Direct, StrengthFinders, Sparektypes, HBDI/thinking…

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