10 Habits That Are Really Worth Quitting!

Quit these 10 habits

Habits – they are amazing unless they are bad habits! What if you are allowing habits to linger that are working against you? Habits that are draining you, rather than taking the courageous step and quitting your bad habits? Perhaps fear is keeping you from choosing a better way. There’s a certain stigma associated with…

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Yes! Criticism Stings! Make it A Positive


There’s no denying it – criticism often stings! On a sunny summer day a few years back, my daughter was merrily mowing the lawn – her way to earn a few extra bucks. Everything was proceeding per usual until suddenly the sound of the mower stopped and hysterical shrieking ensued. The shrieking was so intense…

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Is Fear Keeping Your Life Tiny?

Fear shrinks your life and keeps it small! Tiny houses are all the rage! Often mobile, these wee homes that are typically between 100 and 400 square feet, rarely more than 500 square feet. That not a very big space! Perhaps, just a hair bigger than the room you had growing up! There are a…

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Expectations! Your People Can’t Read Your Mind!


Expectations! We all have them, and it’s a common problem among leaders. They expect their people to know exactly what they want done and are amazed and annoyed when it doesn’t happen. Perhaps not consciously, but you’ve made that mistake too. Think about it, unspoken expectations, aka assumptions, are dangerous! They wreak havoc in your…

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