21 Super Simple Ways To Reach Your Potential

Full Potential

Have you ever been told that you aren’t living up to your full potential? Truth be told, most of people have yet to tap into their full potential! In many ways, your “journey” in life is one where you are consistently expanding your comfort zone in order to tap into more and more of your…

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7 Ways to “Go Green” in Your Leadership

Sustainable Green Leadership

There’s quite a buzz around the topic of “going green” – living in a way that is sustainable and protects the environment. To “go green,” you must adjust your behaviors in order to reduce the amount of pollution and waste that you generate. A first step towards going green is to intentionally conserve energy. How…

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The Unexpected Tipping Point of Your Dream

Your Dream

Dreams can be crushed in an instant. Stepping out of the shower on an ordinary day, I discovered my two-year-old daughter with a bloody nose. After an hour of trying all the usual tricks to stop a bloody nose and finding myself in a pool of blood, I phoned a dear friend who lived in…

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Shift Your Thinking & Get Results You’ll Love!

Shift Your Thinking

Your thinking colors far more than you might realize! Not satisfied with the results you’re getting personally or professionally? Time to examine the way you are thinking. Feeling stressed? Time to explore of your thoughts! Dissatisfied with your relationships? Your thoughts are a likely factor there too! Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Thoughts! I…

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