Calm Your Mind & Your Internal Distractions

Internal Distractions

Are internal distractions keeping you from focusing? Have they become a barrier to reaching your goals and accomplishing what God’s called you to do? External distractions are plentiful, but sometimes it’s what’s in your head that’s the greatest distraction of all! What Are Internal Distractions? Internal distractions are your very own thoughts and feelings –…

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What’s Motivating YOU – Fear or Love?

Motivating: Fear or Love

Have you ever stopped to consider what’s motivating you – the real reason why you do what you do? In a particularly chaotic season in my own life, a quote landed in my email in-box that stopped me in my tracks. Is said… “Are you pushed by fear or pulled by love?” If I’m honest,…

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5 Fresh Perspectives to Help You Succeed!

Perspectives – they play a pivotal role in your success or your failure no matter what you do! Maybe it’s time to correct the way you see things – maybe you need…readers! There are some amazing perks to getting older: more flexibility in my schedule, a wider range of experiences to draw upon, and grandchildren,…

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Transform Your Obstacles into Outstanding Opportunities


What obstacles, challenges, or issues are you currently facing as you pursue your goals, work, and life? To expect life to be free of obstacles is hardly realistic. Obstacles are inevitable. We live in a broken world. How do you respond to the difficulties that come your way personally and/or professionally? Since we bought our…

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Are You EXTRAordinary? Here’s the Honest Truth


Growing up I wanted to be extraordinary – someone who stood out. Until I was 16, I was the oldest and the only girl among four boys in my family, so in that small way I stood out. Then, my sister was born. I wasn’t like the other kids in my neighborhood – that’s for…

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7 Powerful Mindsets You Need to Succeed

Mindsets are powerful! They are either working for you or against you quietly in the background. Ordinarily, you don’t give much thought to your mindset or realize all the ways you are depending on it until…you really need it! These days, my phone is with me everywhere I go. And I’m able to do a…

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The Shoulds In Your Life Gotta Go!


Are you suffering from a bad case of the shoulds? Are you saying things like I should… have a better job. lead more like so and so. have more friends. be making a bigger difference. lose 15 pounds. be more organized. be married. I should… Or maybe your version is more about what you shouldn’t…

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Do You Have A Poverty Mentality?

Poverty is real. Did you know that 689 million people live in extreme poverty worldwide, many surviving on less than $1.90 a day? According to, in the United States 42,510,843 people lived in poverty in 2019. That’s 13.4%. These figures are expected to dramatically increase as a result of the pandemic. I don’t want…

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Your Disappointments – What’s The Cure?

Disappointment hurts. Expectations have a way of getting me in trouble – not in trouble with others, but with myself. Expectations are preconceived ideas about what something should look like. And whenever there’s a “should” involved, it’s a tip-off that something is amiss! I know – I’ve had first-hand experience with disappointment! The bigger the…

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Does Your Invisible Fence Got You Stuck?

Invisible fences are an amazing invention. Without the clutter of a fence, they keep your pet from escaping your yard. I admit that I can’t speak from first-hand experience. We’ve been a pet free family, outside of a few beta fish and a hermit crab named Shelly. For those pets, an invisible fence wasn’t necessary.…

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