Living Your Life Fenced In Or Free?

Living Free

Are you living free and fearlessly? Or are you held hostage by your own invisible fences that are keeping your life small? Fences & Foxes Fences are few in my neighborhood. In fact, solid fences are a no-no according to our Homeowner Association rules, which is why invisible fences are so popular. Yet, despite of…

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Enjoy More Success with These Powerful Perspectives


Perspectives are powerful! While quietly operating in the background, they play a major role in how you experience and respond to the world! What is Perspective? Perspective is the lens with which you view everything and it influences the meaning you make. It’s your way of thinking about and understanding a topic like success, life,…

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Pacing Your Life Like A Pro!


Pacing makes all the difference! One of appealing aspects of living in Chattanooga is all the amazing hiking options. Recently my husband shared one of his favorite hikes with me that is mere miles from our home. It was a perfect day for hiking – happy warm like spring is here in the south rather…

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Oh, What A Difference Hope Makes!


Hope is fragile. When I have it, hope is wildly powerful and compelling. Without hope, despair and discouragement settle in. Because I’m human, my hope swells and it shrinks. It’s rarely stagnant. Ordinarily I’m a pretty hopeful gal, but recently, my hope took a hit. It was dark and ugly – a very unhappy moment.…

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Why You Bite Off More Than You Can Chew & What to Do!

Over-committed. Bit off more than you can chew.

Over-committed? Do you find yourself taking on too much – biting off more than you can chew? Me too! That was my norm: always taking on more and more. It left me feeling stressed, depleted, and resentful. Remember the game Chubby Bunny where you keep putting more and more marshmallows into your mouth until you…

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The Truth About Freedom and Living Free


Where in your life do you need freedom? Freedom is something I’d taken for granted until the summer of 1982 when I entered Moscow, Russia by train. Communist Russia or the USSR. Before being allowed to exit the train, everything was searched. Everything! My magazines, summer reads, and all other random hints of western life…

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Common Beliefs That Hold YOU Back

Limiting Beliefs

Your beliefs, including your limiting beliefs, are influencing you every day! While often running in the background unnoticed, your beliefs are hard at work helping or hurting you in profound ways. Those beliefs that are hurting are limiting beliefs. They are birthed out of your experiences and are intended to protect you from pain. Limiting…

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Calm Your Mind & Your Internal Distractions

Internal Distractions

Are internal distractions keeping you from focusing? Have they become a barrier to reaching your goals and accomplishing what God’s called you to do? External distractions are plentiful, but sometimes it’s what’s in your head that’s the greatest distraction of all! What Are Internal Distractions? Internal distractions are your very own thoughts and feelings –…

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What’s Motivating YOU – Fear or Love?

Motivating: Fear or Love

Have you ever stopped to consider what’s motivating you – the real reason why you do what you do? In a particularly chaotic season in my own life, a quote landed in my email in-box that stopped me in my tracks. Is said… “Are you pushed by fear or pulled by love?” If I’m honest,…

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5 Fresh Perspectives to Help You Succeed!

Perspectives – they play a pivotal role in your success or your failure no matter what you do! Maybe it’s time to correct the way you see things – maybe you need…readers! There are some amazing perks to getting older: more flexibility in my schedule, a wider range of experiences to draw upon, and grandchildren,…

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