Attitude Is Everything!


How attitude conscious are you? Do you mindlessly drift to a negative place or are you intentionally choosing a more positive attitude? Like I used to tell my kids, attitude is everything! While you may not be aware of it, your attitude trickles down into all aspects of your life and work. You are actually…

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8 Amazing Tips To Help You Vision Cast Successfully

Over the last few months, life and work have changed dramatically worldwide. What was, no longer is. That makes right now a crucial time to re-examine your vision and how you cast vision with others in your organization or those you are seeking to attract. Andy Stanley describes vision this way: “Vision is a clear…

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12 Unexpected Reasons You’re Still Stuck

I’ve never met anyone who set out with the intention of being “stuck”! That’s doesn’t mean there aren’t folks out there with that goal in mind – I just have yet to meet someone like that. I have, however, encountered plenty of folks who have inadvertently ended up there…stuck, and it’s not a very happy…

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