7 Signs of Blurred Lines

A few summers back, there was a catchy tune that hit number one on the Billboard charts: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. That same song was later deemed Billboard’s “Song of the Summer” in 2013. With such a likeable tune and beat, it’s sad the words weren’t more uplifting! If you heard the song, it…

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7 Secrets to Better Boundaries

A few weeks ago, I turned in my beloved Outback for a new 2017 Outback to take advantage of an amazing deal. While I know most people love getting at new car, I actually adored my old Outback. If the lease had not been up in a few months, and the deal not so sweet,…

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7 Reasons to Just Say NO!

When was the last time you said “no?” Remember when you were a child and you dared to proclaim it boldly even though it often resulted in some form of correction? Today, that tiny, two-letter word is much harder to say – even when you really want to say it. Last week, I said no…

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