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The Anchor Advantage

When the weather is warm, my husband and I have a favorite Saturday morning routine: sleeping in, (that’s typically 6:00am for him and 7:30ish for me!) brewing coffee, and then heading out to the lake for breakfast. As boat club members, we have a reputation for barely using any gas when taking a boat out.…

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The Value of Values

In coaching circles, values are a hot topic. To be honest, prior to my coach training, I’d never given them much thought. I bet I’m not alone in that! Come to find out, values are quite nifty! They serve as a filter for your life by screening out the “junk” – the stuff that is…

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If You Only Knew!

Sitting down face to face with another coach is a rare thing for me. Oh, I have dozens and dozens of coach friends in the US and abroad and we talk; just not here in Chattanooga. That’s why having lunch with a fellow coach here in Chattanooga this week was such a blessing. Spending time…

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What is Your Soul Feasting On?

What are you feeding your soul – that part of you that makes you, you? I have a hunch – you have not thought about that question in a long time, if ever. So let me ask you this: Are you feeling energized and ready to take on the world? Or are you feeling zapped,…

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Values: Are You Due for A Check-Up?

Without attention, things naturally break down. It doesn’t matter if it is your house, yard, car, computer, or boat – without regular maintenance, they will drift towards deterioration. The same is true for your health, your relationships, and your skills. That’s the essence behind the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It takes regular maintenance just to…

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The Rub

I shifted. I tugged. The tag just kept rubbing me the wrong way! It didn’t matter that it was one of my favorite blouses; I couldn’t wait to change clothes! Maybe I am extra sensitive, but tags can rub you raw and leave a mark! It made me wish that all clothes had followed suit…

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