Your Values: Are They Successfully Supporting You?

Values Checkup

Your personal values are the beliefs and/or principles that are of the utmost importance to you. They act as your compass. They guide you and keep you operating at your best. Perhaps you’ve identified your Top 5 Values – if so – this post is for you! If the concept of personal values is brand…

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The Anchor Advantage

When the weather is warm, my husband and I have a favorite Saturday morning routine: sleeping in, (that’s typically 6:00am for him and 7:30ish for me!) brewing coffee, and then heading out to the lake for breakfast. As boat club members, we have a reputation for barely using any gas when taking a boat out.…

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The Value of Values

In coaching circles, values are a hot topic. To be honest, prior to my coach training, I’d never given them much thought. I bet I’m not alone in that! Come to find out, values are quite nifty! They serve as a filter for your life by screening out the “junk” – the stuff that is…

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