Success! Make This Your Best Year Yet!


Success is achieving the outcomes you desire, whatever those outcomes are for you. Where would you like to be at the end of this year in the key areas of your life? Career/ Business/ Purpose Relationships Finances Personally / Professionally – your growth and development goals Emotionally Physically Spiritually Rejuvenating aspirations – adding fun, leisure,…

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Is What You Are Doing Sustainable?

Sustainable life

What’s sustainable today won’t be sustainable tomorrow. Life is always changing and new responsibilities are continuously being added to your list of things to accomplish both personally and professionally. And eliminating responsibilities – that rarely happens! It doesn’t take long before what’s on your plate feels burdensome and overwhelming. One of the many beautiful aspects…

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7 Awesome Lessons Learned About Goals

Goals are easy to set and challenging to reach! Some years ago, my husband and I had the opportunity to visit Ek Balam – a Mayan ruin located in Yucatan, Mexico that had recently been opened to the public. Previously, when we visited Chichen Itza, a more well-known Mayan ruin in the same region, we…

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9 Big Barriers to Your Great Goals

Barriers to Goals

Setting goals – that’s the easy part! Successfully achieving them – that takes dedication and effort! Think about your targets for this year. How would you rate your progress? Failure to launch! I set goals but did nothing further, or I never set them. Fizzling! I set goals and started out strong but things have…

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Your Goals: What You Need to Know!

goals & dreams

Having goals and dreams is motivating and offers powerful direction. However, that motivation can quickly dissipate when you encounter snags along the way. As a goal-oriented person, I’ve learned some valuable lessons in my pursuit of my goals. In fact, chasing goals reminds me a lot of the experience I had learning to drive a…

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Here’s The Truth About Clarity!


There’s a lot of buzz about clarity – especially in my coaching world. On the surface, clarity seems like an honorable pursuit. However, lurking beneath the surface are some enticing myths – beliefs about clarity that may not be serving you! Clarity: The state of being (CRYSTAL) clear. Seeking clarity is a little like searching…

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There’s Hope – Keep Pursuing Your Goals

Goals & Dreams

In the process of reaching your goals, you are sure to encounter a season where it feels like nothing is happening; zilch, nada! Even if you started out enthusiastically, it’s not uncommon to get discouraged when the going gets tough! Think of it this way, your goal is like a 1000-piece puzzle just waiting to…

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The #1 Reason You Never Reach Your Goals


January is the perfect time to set personal and professional goals! Setting goals – that’s the easy part! Reaching them – that’s a different story. So, what keeps people from successfully achieving their goals? They fail to maximize their time! And sadly, if you peel away the layers, you’ll find that a lack of valuing…

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7 Things That Lurk Beneath Excuses

Most girls love slumber parties. I am not most girls. In fact, when I was in elementary school, I gave some pretty crazy excuses for why I was unable to attend the slumber parties I was invited to! In spite of my outgoing nature, I prefer solitude, quiet, and small groups – all the things…

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Get Moving! 6 Questions to Help You Create Momentum

My neighborhood is a walker’s paradise. The views are inspiring and the steep hills make for a worthwhile workout. Initially the hills were an effort – I’m not going to lie! They left me a bit breathless and my muscles let me know I’d worked them the next day! Thankfully, navigating the hills has gotten…

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