18 Simple Ways To De-Stress Your Life


Stress rarely brings out the best in me – especially too much stress! It clouds my judgement and shortens my fuse. It entices me to hurry and makes communicating well nearly impossible, not to mention all the physical ways it plays out – headaches, muscle tightness, racing heart, etc. Life is full of pressure filled…

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Stress! Surprise – It Isn’t All Bad!


Stress gets a bad rap! In and of itself, stress is not a bad thing. The right amount of stress actually boosts brainpower, aka cognitive function, expands your potential, builds resiliency, helps to fend off illness, increases creativity, and motivates. Some pretty desirable traits – wouldn’t you say? So why does stress conjure up such…

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Solutions to Help You Stress Less

The most wonderful time of year is often the most hectic and demanding time of year! When you combine whatever typically occupies your time eleven months out of the year with the holidays and attempting to reach whatever goals you set for the year in December, it can spell STRESS and leave you filled with…

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How To Survive Stress

A little stress is a good. It encourages you to grow and take your skills to the next level so that you can to manage life more effectively. Ongoing or chronic stress – that’s not so good! The negative ramifications are numerous, including illness, insomnia, weight gain, and depression. It also diminishes your work performance,…

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Step off Your Hamster Wheel & Stress Less

Are you perpetually in motion like a hamster on a wheel getting nowhere? When caged and space is limited, the hamster wheel is an ingenious invention – a way for hamsters to run like crazy in a very small space. Did you know that wild hamsters run up to 5 miles every night while searching…

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3 Reasons You Might be Addicted to Stress

There is nothing wrong with getting things done! The trick is striking the tension between getting things done and making time to relax. Attempting to do more than is realistic creates stress. By now you have gathered that I like to get things done! In fact, I am able to get a surprising number of…

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