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Time Management

Are Distractions Sabotaging Your Success?

Running two businesses and having a life that includes the people I love and activities that fuel my soul takes determined focus. Like you, I wrestle with the myriad of interruptions and distractions that divert my focus from what’s really important when it comes to having thriving businesses. My biggest culprit: all methods of communication…

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What’s Trending: Productivity or Play?

There’s been a little buzz online around the idea of being unproductive lately. The author of one article boasted of wasting time – extended shopping sprees and daydreaming. She proudly stated that she spent “full-on days wasting time.” Another article suggested that the productivity improvements he implemented cost him dearly. While he was able to…

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Time is Money – 5 Tricks to Investing Wisely

As a child, I stored my valuables in my very own safe. I kept things like my diary, specials notes, and who knows what other very important stuff under lock and key. After all, I had four pesky younger brothers. As an adult, what I value is demonstrated by my calendar and my checkbook because…

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Why I Need a 48 Hour Day

Have you ever pondered the number of hours you would need in a day if you were to do absolutely everything you were supposed to do? I am talking about diligently brushing your teeth three times a day, flossing, exercising, stretching, drinking eight glasses of water, getting a full eight hours of sleep, eating healthy…

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