Get GREAT Results & Still Be Relaxed


Every year takes on a vibe of its own, including what it takes to get results. Some years are about growth, letting go, or abundant blessings. Other years are about sweet events like the birth of a child, a marriage, or travel adventures. 2020 took us all by surprise! What a massive interruption, not just…

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Discover the Joy of Being More Focused


How well are you able to focus? Have you ever been so focused on what you are doing that hours slip by without notice? One of the reasons I set up reminders ten minutes prior to appointments is that I easily get so focused on work that I lose track of time, not to mention…

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7 Super Smart Reasons for Choosing “One Word”

One Word

If you’re eager to grow and make positive changes in your life, I urge you to consider choosing a “One Word” for the coming year. It’s been a life changing experience for me. Plus, there are some super smart reasons to incorporate the practice into your life. After nearly eight years of choosing a “One…

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7 Reasons to Just Say NO!


When was the last time you said “no?” Remember when you were a child and you dared to proclaim “NO” with gusto even though that choice often resulted in some form of correction? That tiny, two-letter word is much harder to say now – even when you really want to say it. Over the last…

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