Some Great Tips For Being More Fruitful


Would you like your life and work to be more fruitful? There’s a lot of talk about being more productive, but about a more fruitful life? If you majored in economics like I did, productivity is about… …how much output can be produced with a given set of inputs. Productivity increases when… Greater output is…

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Really Great Reasons to Work Less

What if you could work less and still get results? Does that seem like an unattainable goal? While altering the way you go about working is a process, there are some really compelling reasons to make the effort. You’ve heard it said that less is more and it’s true! Consider this: Those are some compelling…

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Want Better Results? Don’t Make This Mistake


What are the specific results are you seeking right now in your life and work? Are you seeking professional results like a promotion, more clients, or a more effective sales team? Or are you seeking personal results like finally fitting back into those jeans or better relationships? Every now and then you might experience a…

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Ditch Your Rut For A Better Plan


Ruts! Are you in a rut? Are doing life on auto pilot (coasting through life without much thought) or endlessly spinning your wheels (frantically working but not getting anywhere)? If so, that would suggest that you are stuck in a rut. Ruts are familiar, and that familiarity has a way of making you oblivious to…

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Get GREAT Results & Still Be Relaxed


Every year takes on a vibe of its own, including what it takes to get results. Some years are about growth, letting go, or abundant blessings. Other years are about sweet events like the birth of a child, a marriage, or travel adventures. 2020 took us all by surprise! What a massive interruption, not just…

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What if you could BREAK THROUGH and get the results you’re after personally and/or professionally PLUS, enjoy peace and joy in your life? It’s possible! SIGN UP HERE! Sometimes you don’t even know what needs to change or how to go about making those changes to get where you want to be. That’s what BREAK…

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Persistence: Here’s The Secret

It collided into my bedroom window one Saturday morning, not once or twice, but repeatedly. That was my first encounter with Mr. Robin. Birds symbolize God’s love and care to me, so the visit of a clumsy Robin that morning was fascinating and even felt a little special. In-between attacking the window, it would sit…

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