Surviving The Dark Tunnels of Life

tunnels of life

When life is going well, I don’t always appreciate it. And when life feels dark, uncertain, and like whatever I’m going through will never end, I also don’t appreciate it. If I’m honest, sometimes I let hopelessness and discouragement settle in. I get angry and impatient about the seemingly unfair circumstances I’m experiencing. If I…

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Wow! This Is A Massive Morale Killer!

In a family or in an organization…so much hinges on morale! Lurking out of sight is a massive morale killer. Oh, you feel the effects, but don’t always know what the source is. Guess what, it has a name! You see, we all have a Fear Monster. It might be alive and well and making…

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Wow! The Secret to Boosting Morale: Communication!

Morale is mysterious and intangible like the wind. You feel the effects, but the contributing factors aren’t always obvious. When morale is good, you feel it – everything flows better. Your team has more fun working together and there’s a surge in creativity, energy, and productivity. The bonus – a better bottom line! When morale…

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How New Adventures Lead to New Success


What would make this year a successful one for you? Whether you are reading this at the start of a new year or somewhere mid-year, it’s not too late to consider a brand-new adventure! After all, being open to new experiences naturally contributes to your success. My Definition of Success Before I go any further,…

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One Word: Here’s What I Learned

One Word

One Word: I’ve been practicing this habit now for ten years! This coming year will be year number eleven! It’s always an interesting journey and rarely the journey I anticipate it being. Every year I’m taken aback by all I learn along the way. So many valuable lessons. But to really seal the deal and…

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