10 More Terrific Ways To A Happier Life

Happiness, Happy Man

Do what makes you happy! That’s the phrase I’ve heard repeatedly since writing my first blog on happiness. I’ve heard the phrase again and again on TV, in movies, online, and in books. Here’s the thing: doing what brings you pleasure in the moment rarely offers sustaining happiness. In fact, often times there are some…

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10 Ways To Enjoy A Happier Life Now


What do you believe about happiness? Is it something illusive or is it something that’s actually possible? Imagine, what would be different if you were happier? Many operate under the misconception that happiness is what you experience when you… Lose weight Make more money Get married Have children Have an empty nest Own a home…

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6 Ways to Tame Envy – the Green-Eyed Monster In You

I truly envy those who have perfect eye sight! After the birth of my first child, my eye sight was not the same. There are challenges for those who wear glasses or contacts – little things like it being difficult to see when it’s raining or when you are sweating. Babies get a kick out…

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How To Invest Your Precious Time Wisely

time is money

Because time is limited, it is extremely valuable! Growing up, I kept my diary, special notes, and assorted other valuables under lock and key in my safe. Yes, a safe! I was a strange bird growing up – I asked for out of the norm birthday gifts like safes, filing cabinets, and staplers. Maybe, in…

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There’s Hope – Keep Pursuing Your Goals

Goals & Dreams

In the process of reaching your goals, you are sure to encounter a season where it feels like nothing is happening; zilch, nada! Even if you started out enthusiastically, it’s not uncommon to get discouraged when the going gets tough! Think of it this way, your goal is like a 1000-piece puzzle just waiting to…

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