Do You Have A Poverty Mentality?

Poverty is real. Did you know that 689 million people live in extreme poverty worldwide, many surviving on less than $1.90 a day? According to, in the United States 42,510,843 people lived in poverty in 2019. That’s 13.4%. These figures are expected to dramatically increase as a result of the pandemic. I don’t want…

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Your Disappointments – What’s The Cure?

Disappointment hurts. Expectations have a way of getting me in trouble – not in trouble with others, but with myself. Expectations are preconceived ideas about what something should look like. And whenever there’s a “should” involved, it’s a tip-off that something is amiss! I know – I’ve had first-hand experience with disappointment! The bigger the…

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Does Your Invisible Fence Got You Stuck?

Invisible fences are an amazing invention. Without the clutter of a fence, they keep your pet from escaping your yard. I admit that I can’t speak from first-hand experience. We’ve been a pet free family, outside of a few beta fish and a hermit crab named Shelly. For those pets, an invisible fence wasn’t necessary.…

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Here’s The Truth About Clarity!


There’s a lot of buzz about clarity – especially in my coaching world. On the surface, clarity seems like an honorable pursuit. However, lurking beneath the surface are some enticing myths – beliefs about clarity that may not be serving you! Clarity: The state of being (CRYSTAL) clear. Seeking clarity is a little like searching…

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Your Identity – It’s Who’s You Are!

Aoption - Identity

Identity is powerful. It is who you are. Identity colors your relationships and your work. It influences how you connect with God. It’s effects are far reaching – they touch every aspect of your life. As the song suggests, it’s common to be “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.” We often seek identity…

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