Stress! Surprise – It Isn’t All Bad!


Stress gets a bad rap! In and of itself, stress is not a bad thing. The right amount of stress actually boosts brainpower, aka cognitive function, expands your potential, builds resiliency, helps to fend off illness, increases creativity, and motivates. Some pretty desirable traits – wouldn’t you say? So why does stress conjure up such…

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7 Tips to Help You Juggle Like a Pro

I’ve been known to juggle a responsibility or two! At one point, I was homeschooling my three children, running a business, and on staff at my church. It was a full season of life! I’m a passionate person, an avid reader, and I get a kick out of being creative. I also love spending time…

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The Truth About Being More Decisive


Moving forward is impossible when you’re perpetually waffling. That’s why there are significant advantages to being more decisive. Not only is struggling to make decisions a time waster, it’s a confidence stealer! Indecision is normal when facing a particularly difficult decision, but when you find yourself incapable of making even small decisions, it’s an indication…

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