4 Road Blocks To Being A Great Leader

Road Block for Leaders

As a leader, you are on a never-ending journey! Life and circumstances are always changing. If you aren’t consistently growing and progressing, you will find yourself facing significant road blocks along the way. When that happens, your leadership suffers. No one sets out to be a subpar leader. The leaders I’ve encountered all want to…

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4 Simple Ways to Expand Your Influence


Influence, is a crucial aspect of leading successfully. With influence, you naturally have a leg up! And the good news: it’s something you can intentionally expand! As a child, were you the leader or the follower? The bent towards influencing others often shows up at an early age. Some children have big ideas and are…

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How To Communicate With More Success

Communication is a part of every day, but often we don’t do it with much success. That leads to misunderstandings, hurt feelings, confusion, and a host of other not so happy experiences. I’ve had to learn the hard way, and I’m still learning how to adjust the way I speak to others in a way…

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The Beauty of A More Connected Life

The Beauty of A Connected Life

When you are connected to your emotions, it’s a beautiful thing! It allows you to have greater clarity, be more present, at peace, and experience joy! The problem is that we live in a world of hurry, pressures, and distractions that make tuning into your emotions tough. Being emotionally disconnected is like attempting to drive…

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