Coaching – What I Wish You Knew!


Coaching – have you experienced it first hand? Honestly, it’s difficult to describe just how unbelievably beneficial a simple coaching conversation is, but if you’ve worked with a coach, you know! If you haven’t had the pleasure of working with a coach, there’s so much I’d eagerly want to share with you. Maybe in your…

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Ponder This If You Are Feeling Overwhelmed


Stress on steroids – that’s what feeling overwhelmed is like. In the Atlas of the Heart, Brené Brown describes feeling overwhelmed this way: “If stress is being in the weeds, feeling overwhelmed is like being blown (a term from her waitress days to express that she was beyond her edge). Overwhelmed means an extreme level…

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The Myths You Believe About Being Perfect


Are you prone to perfectionism? Being perfect – that’s my goal, realistic or not. I‘ve come to terms with that fact that perfection is isn’t possible, but every now and then that perfectionistic leaning rears its ugly head again! Take our current home renovation project for example: our master bathroom. My husband did an amazing…

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Quit Sabotaging You & Your Amazing Team


Sabotaging happens! Leading a big responsibility that requires you to navigate a demanding schedule, deal with a multitude of personalities, and complete an endless list of tasks in an effort to achieve lofty goals. Along the way, it’s not uncommon for leaders to sabotage themselves and sabotage their team. When that happens, everyone loses! Nearly…

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