Success and Learning to Trust the Process

Trust The Process

“Trust the process” was a phrase that was repeated over and over again during my initial coach training. It was a reminder to surrender to the various steps that were being taught even when they didn’t make sense and believing that in the end, everything would become clear. Guess what, it did! Trust the process…

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The Wonderful And Crazy Thing About Contentment

Contentment – seems to be elusive in today’s society. Would you describe yourself as content? If you’ve ever observed a sleeping baby, they are a beautiful example of contentment. As I’ve had the privilege of watching each of my six grandchildren sleep when they were babies, it has always captivated me! They exhibit a special…

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Why You Bite Off More Than You Can Chew & What to Do!

Over-committed. Bit off more than you can chew.

Over-committed? Do you find yourself taking on too much – biting off more than you can chew? Me too! That was my norm: always taking on more and more. It left me feeling stressed, depleted, and resentful. Remember the game Chubby Bunny where you keep putting more and more marshmallows into your mouth until you…

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The Truth About Freedom and Living Free


Where in your life do you need freedom? Freedom is something I’d taken for granted until the summer of 1982 when I entered Moscow, Russia by train. Communist Russia or the USSR. Before being allowed to exit the train, everything was searched. Everything! My magazines, summer reads, and all other random hints of western life…

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