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Change Your Life With Just One Word

By Marvae Eikanas | December 3, 2019 |

Without the responsibility of driving I’m free to watch the world go by. That’s one of the perks to riding shotgun. And when traveling on the freeway, the world goes by at a rapid pace. That’s kind of how I feel as the end of 2019 is near – like the year has zipped on…

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Which of These Four Not-So-Great Attitude Symptoms Do You Have?

By Marvae Eikanas | November 26, 2019 |

A frantic jam-packed life leaves little time to check your attitude and, as I have told my children for years, attitude is everything! It’s that Thanksgiving time of year again! People are hustling to prepare brag-worthy meals. Relatives and treasured friends are frantically traveling by planes, trains, and cars to gather together. Others are relishing…

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Are You An Elephant or A Hippo?

By Marvae Eikanas | November 20, 2019 |

Not all leaders are effective leaders. They may have the title, but that doesn’t mean that others are following, because some leaders are like elephants, and some are like hippos. Which kind of leader are you? Despite how you might feel about leading, we need leaders! They keep their team focused, motivated, and positive while…

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Simple Ways to Slow Down When Life Speeds Up

By Marvae Eikanas | November 12, 2019 |

When you were a kid, waiting for Christmas to arrive seemed like it took forever. As an adult, it’s quite a different story! The pace seems to pick up substantially the last two months of the year! On top of the usual work and life activities, there are extra goings-on to juggle too! It’s like…

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Escape that Overwhelmed Feeling

By Marvae Eikanas | November 5, 2019 |

If I had a nickel for every time someone expressed feeling of overwhelmed to me, I’d be a millionaire! Okay, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but overwhelm has reached epidemic proportion! I bet you’ve felt it a time or two! It’s not a great feeling. It limits your capacity, blocks creativity, and hijacks your…

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Creativity – A Leader’s Secret Sauce!

By Marvae Eikanas | October 22, 2019 |

When it comes to leaders who are making a difference, who are the leaders that come to mind? I have a hunch that they are leaders that exhibit a whole lot of creativity! Perhaps someone like Gabe Lyons, the founder of Q Ideas, as well as Q Commons – a live learning experience that challenges…

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Join Time Tribe – A Group Coaching Experience

By Marvae Eikanas | October 18, 2019 |

Your success depends on your ability to manage your time with skill and purpose! Either you run the day, or the day runs you! When your day runs you it leads to… Stuff falling through the cracks Overwhelm – spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere S-T-R-E-S-S Exhaustion A lack of peace and joy AND…__________________You…

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5 Tips to Help You Become A Strong Leader

By Marvae Eikanas | October 15, 2019 |

Leading is not for wimps! It you want to be a strong leader that’s up for the challenge, you must be intentionally work out your leadership muscles. Working out is something I truly enjoy. I know! Most people don’t get the same thrill out of it that I do. When I was at my worst…

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Your Guide to Cultivating Appreciation In The Workplace

By Marvae Eikanas | October 8, 2019 |

Pay pales! Appreciation is what your team or employee’s want! Don’t get me wrong – they won’t work for free! After all, pay is way of expressing gratitude for the work they do. You might find it interesting that there are multiple surveys out there that reinforce the value of appreciation in the workplace. com…

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7 Steps to Becoming A More Consistent Leader

By Marvae Eikanas | October 1, 2019 |

A consistent leader is a leader you can trust. By being consistent, they also provide predictability and stability – traits that create a safe culture. Being consistent and persistent is practically second nature for some personalities while being spontaneous, adventurous, and in the moment comes easy to others. There are positives about both approaches to…

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