Communicating With Success – Here’s The Truth

Communicating With The Opposite Sex

Communicating well is no easy task! A few years back when flying was less complicated, I had an interesting encounter with the man sitting next to me. It only took a few minutes to figure out that the man sitting next to me on my flight home had a lot on his mind. He began…

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The Shoulds In Your Life Gotta Go!


Are you suffering from a bad case of the shoulds? Are you saying things like I should… have a better job. lead more like so and so. have more friends. be making a bigger difference. lose 15 pounds. be more organized. be married. I should… Or maybe your version is more about what you shouldn’t…

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Solving the Puzzle of Life

Fear Puzzle of Life

Fear complicates your life! Ever feel like life is a puzzle…and a complicated one at that? One of my favorite activities is putting jigsaw puzzles together – the more pieces and the more challenging, the better. It’s an activity that allows my mind to wander and to focus. It brings me joy! Trying to fit…

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Exercise – It’s What You Need To Do!


The benefits of exercise are plentiful! It’s not just for gym rats or CrossFit junkies – it’s for you too! In fact, if there was one change you could make that would positively impact every other area of your life, it would be the addition of exercise to your life. Skipping exercise is risky! It’s…

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