4 Road Blocks To Being A Great Leader

Road Block for Leaders

As a leader, you are on a never-ending journey! Life and circumstances are always changing. If you aren’t consistently growing and progressing, you will find yourself facing significant road blocks along the way. When that happens, your leadership suffers. No one sets out to be a subpar leader. The leaders I’ve encountered all want to…

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7 Ways to Have Victory in Obstacles

Of course, Thus far, 2020 has been brimming with obstacles, not just for me – for just about everyone. Personally, I’ve had more challenging years, but I don’t recall a time when so many people were facing significant difficulties simultaneously. It’s tough to see in the moment, but obstacles are a beautiful invitation to even…

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Inspiration from Rio

Growing up, my family had a tiny, and I mean tiny, black and white television that mostly lived in the closet. Assuming all went well in a week, we were allowed a whopping hour of TV – an hour my siblings and I chose very carefully! And then there were those years when the Olympics…

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