Surviving The Dark Tunnels of Life

tunnels of life

When life is going well, I don’t always appreciate it. And when life feels dark, uncertain, and like whatever I’m going through will never end, I also don’t appreciate it. If I’m honest, sometimes I let hopelessness and discouragement settle in. I get angry and impatient about the seemingly unfair circumstances I’m experiencing. If I…

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The Five Truly Important Facets of Life

Life – minding the many aspects of life is necessary, but certainly not easy! In the hustle and bustle of life, pausing to assess critical areas often get overlooked! There are a variety of ways to assess an individual – personality assessments like DISC or the Enneagram; Career assessments like Career Direct, StrengthFinders, Sparektypes, HBDI/thinking…

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The Beauty of A Well Nourished Soul!

well nourished soul

Your soul – your mind, will, and emotions – is what makes you you! How are you nourishing your soul? The last couple of weeks have been interesting for me. A loss of someone in my life with Lyme disease which brought up so many emotions having suffered from the complex disease myself. Immense gratitude…

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The Secret to Weathering the Storms of Life

Harvey, Irma, Jose, Maria – the last couple of weeks have been tempestuous with a string of powerful hurricanes.  Even with ample warning, it is difficult to grasp the intensity that comes with such weather! You can prepare. You can evacuate. One thing you can’t do – you can’t control a storm. The recent hurricanes…

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