Enjoy More Success with These Powerful Perspectives


Perspectives are powerful! While quietly operating in the background, they play a major role in how you experience and respond to the world! What is Perspective? Perspective is the lens with which you view everything and it influences the meaning you make. It’s your way of thinking about and understanding a topic like success, life,…

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Leadership – What Qualities Do You Want to Linger?


When it comes to your leadership, what qualities do you want to linger after someone has an encounter with you? If you are a leader, professional, or entrepreneur this is worth considering. And if you don’t happen to fit into those categories – that question is still a helpful one. The impression or feelings people…

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It’s What You Can’t See That Really Matters!

It’s common to focus on the externals – what others see, but it’s actually what’s inside you that really matters! You know – the stuff that’s hidden, but really holds you altogether personally and professionally! While learning to sew doesn’t seem as in vogue these days, I was eager to learn. I tackled my first…

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Pacing Your Life Like A Pro!


Pacing makes all the difference! One of appealing aspects of living in Chattanooga is all the amazing hiking options. Recently my husband shared one of his favorite hikes with me that is mere miles from our home. It was a perfect day for hiking – happy warm like spring is here in the south rather…

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The Grand Goal: You Feeling Unworthy


Feeling unworthy is a common feeling, but not a fun one! It’s your Fear Monster’s goal is to repeatedly tell you that you aren’t worthy. Here’s your Fear Monster’s strategy: Convince you that you must EARN your worthiness. That keeps you focused on striving to prove your worthiness by taking on too much, seeking perfection,…

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